24/365 – Handy Notes

My husband laughs at me when I write notes on my hand. He says to me “I thought that was why you bought an iPhone? Why don’t you use the notes app?” Well I do. All the time. But it just doesn’t cut it for the stuff I have to remember to do TODAY! Inevitably I forget to read it or I forget that I even wrote something in there in the first place!

I really need something staring me in the face. Hence the hand.

I know some people write reminders on their palms. But I ask you, how often do you turn your hands over to look at your palms?? Besides, it really tickles to write on your palm 😉

For me the back of my hand is the ultimate reminder place. Typing on the computer – you see it. Driving your car – you see it. Eating your lunch – you see it. It’s the ultimate “post it”.

But there is a couple of problems.
1) You can only fit the most important reminders on there. After all, our hands aren’t THAT big!!
2) Pen washes off in water. There’s nothing more frustrating than hopping in the shower, seeing that I have a note written on my hand and then I spend the entire shower trying to remember what it was I had written down so I can copy it when I get out!

While I was pregnant with Xander my memory deteriorated quickly, and I swear it has never been the same since. I can only imagine what baby number 2 is going to do my poor brain!! I am already feeling the foggy effects and have decided I need to get a better reminder system in place. I’m sure i will still use my hand for the ‘remember right now’ items, but i need something that can organise and prioritise my to do list easily and efficiently.

Thus I have been researching “to do list” apps for my iPhone. There are SO many of them and I have no idea which one to choose???? Any ideas faithful readers? Do you have a ‘to do list’ app that you love? Free or paid I don’t really mind. So long as I can get it to work!  Sharing is Caring 🙂